Friday, November 7, 2008


Is it weird to want to hang a framed picture of the president in your home?  Is it like too worshipy or monarchical?  My grandmother had a framed picture of the local news weather team and everyone was pretty cool with it.  I wouldn't mind an Obama family portrait either.  They're just so warm and pleasant seeming.  I could totally see them coming over to my house for pot pie and Seinfeld reruns, couldn't you?  It's my dream, sir.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So excited

I can hardly contain myself.  It looks very promising for tonight and I'm going to be SO proud of this country if Barack wins.  A bluegrass band was playing Bob Marley and tunes like This Land is Your Land at the polls this morning, and I know it's cheesy but I almost cried.  You bet your ass I'll cry tonight.  I've never been a patriotic person but I think I just might become one tonight. America America this is YOU!

This is real and not for play
I'mma vota Obama way
We Hood
We Votin'
And throwing it up!
And throwing it up!