Friday, September 5, 2008


For quite awhile I truly believed some friends and I invented dessert sushi.  Then I googled it and realized that several other people had also "invented" dessert sushi.  We came up with it one very late and drunken night in 2004 or whereabouts.  One of my husband's old roomates had just introduced the rest of us to the concept of dessert sandwiches and oh my gosh, they were delicious.  Imagine the kinds of fillings you'd find in a dessert crepe, put them between two slices of Wonder Bread, and grill. 

After this 3am culinary adventure, we started brainstorming other foods that look like dinner but taste like dessert.  Likewise, we also discussed foods that look like dessert but taste like dinner.  Of all the inventions we came up with that night, dessert sushi and dessert nachos were the most attainable, but dessert sushi seemed like the most fun so I made it for an upcoming party.   It contained the following:

1 box of green apple fruit roll ups.
strawberries, sliced
cream cheese icing.

Directions: Smear a 1/8 inch layer of icing on fruit roll up.  Place sliced strawberries in a single row atop icing.  Roll like sushi, slice into bite size pieces.  Serve with chocolate syrup (it's like soy sauce! get it?) if desired.

Other ideas that have yet to come into fruition: 
Dessert hotdog
Dinner twinkie

The sushi wasn't terribly yummy, but it looked cool.  This website has some other variations of dessert sushi, all of which look prettier than mine but probably taste even worse:


Jon said...

Can you make me a co-author of DS?

People are gonna be lining up at the docks for this stuff!

Jon said...

Smart to use the twinkie instead of rice pudding too, by not martha.